What is EuroPride?

An annual festival of culture, equality awareness and the arts; awarded and licensed by members of the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA).

Previous hosts include Copenhagen, Vienna, Marseille, Riga and London. EuroPride can attract anywhere from 30,000 to 600,000 people depending on the host location and programme of events.

Why are Pride in Gloucestershire bidding?

We truly believe that our amazing county has everything needed to hold this prestigious global event. We believe we can win our bid and showcase our County worldwide!

Aims of our bid

Our main aim is to showcase the entirety of our beautiful County and all she has to offer rather than focusing our activities in just one city.

We want to deliver a 3 week long programme of arts, culture and equality awareness that is fully inclusive and accessible to all; not only to those who join us in person but to also outreach across the UK and Europe.

We want to focus on the issues that rural areas face - LGBTQ+ life is not just confined to the cities! Isolation in the rural community is present across the entire continent and not only do we want to create a legacy of improved social cohesion for our County but also empower LGBTQ+ organisations across the UK and Europe to improve their rural areas as well.



We headed to Magdeburg, Germany to take part in their pride celebrations and officially announce our intentions to campaign and bid for EuroPride 2026. 

We had the honour of getting to know the commitee and trustees responsible for Magdeburg Pride and learn more about their bid to host EuroPride in 2025. 


We were fortunate enough to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark for WorldPride 2021. 

This was a great opportunity for us to network with pride organisers from around the world and share information regarding our EuroPride 2026.